Introducing Fitness!!

26 12 2010

I graduated from college in 2004.  When I look back at the pictures, it reminds me of the bittersweet time it was.  I was the third person in my immediate family to graduate college and I was so happy that after a LONG 24 months, I had finally done it.  But I achieved my goal 4 months after my mother died so she wasn’t there to witness it and I was the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life!  I weighed a whopping 325 lbs!

I look like I am going to explode in these pictures!  The worst part about it is that I didn’t even realize how big I was until I looked at these pictures.  They completely explain why when I started my job in a hospital after graduation, I couldn’t actually fit into the besides that I had to work in.  My butt was always knocking the phone or the water pitcher on the floor, and I was always bumping into the door handles when pushing a bed for transport. But my job was a very busy one and before I knew it, I found that I had  32 lbs just from all that running around.

It was around this time that I tried my first and last fad diet.  I tried the Michael Thurmond 6-Week Body Makeover.  I did it for 6 weeks and I did lose 30 more pounds but it was just so restrictive and I really got tired of chicken sweet potatoes and spinach.  Wait!  What am I talking about, I got to eat egg whites and raspberries too!  Here’s a pic of what I looked like when I finally pooped out on that one.

I was about 267 pounds and wearing 1x pants in this picture and I couldn’t have been more proud of myself at that time.  I hadn’t been this size in years but I was/am still too big.  Shortly after this picture, I started a new job on the night shift and most importantly my commute took me right past a McDonald’s that was open all night long. This was back when the double cheese burger was only $1.  30 pounds later, I was pissed off man!

This is what I look like now

I let my weight gain ride for two years until this past April when i started training with a co-worker.  When we started out in April, I was at 284 pounds.  I’m down to 262 pounds now and have hit somewhat of a plateau.  To be honest, I haven’t seen the inside of a gym*  in two months.  It really stinks too because I found that I was really enjoying exercise a lot.  I’ll share a little nugget with you…when you are working out, the more you do, the more you CAN do!  I was absolutely astounded at what I could do when I did it!  You will be too if you just start moving!

So all that was to say, it’s back to the gym on Tuesday for me!  I am so excited about it because I love working with my trainer.  I always work hard when I’m at the gym or working out at home, but I work harder when I am with him because he pushes me.  My problem is that for the last two months, he has had personal things that have kept him to busy to make it to the gym with me.  So I went all diva and refused to work out because I wanted to do the hard work the easy way.  I’m the one who was set back though.

Are you sensing what comes next?  I need a focus because divaing up isn’t getting me what I want.  I need a plan.  I need to be self-motivating and self-reliant when it comes to working out.  To that end, I give you my list of fitness goals.

  • MOVE DAILY!  While my trainer is great, and he doesn’t begrudge me my divaisms, he can’t lose my weight.  Not only does my trainer work with me for free, he usually works out at home and he joined a gym so that he could help me out.  I owe it to him as well as myself to try harder EVERYDAY look at the effort he has made for me!
  • MOVE DAILY! I have an issue at my gym.  For some reason, the security in the building likes to harass me!  I’m not even kidding either there is one guy there who seems to really have a problem with my being there and each time I’m there and he’s there, I end up having problems.  Therefore, I only go when I can with my trainer.  Well if he doesn’t go, then I need to move at home.  One of my fave places to go for at home workouts is  Zuzanna is amazing and very motivating.  I also have several videos but I don’t really like them, but I kind of think it’s my diva tendencies that are the problem there.
  • EAT BETTER!  Weight loss and general health is 20% what you do at the gym and 80% what you put in your mouth.  Can you imagine that if I just cut 500 calories a day, I could lose potentially a pound a week only lifting my hand to my mouth!   This goal has been in effect since last April and I have to say I am doing pretty well.  I’ve been cooking more and eating out less.  I don’t fry anything anymore and there is so much less crap food in my house.  The fact that I haven’t gained a pound in my two month hiatus from the gym is a testimony to that.
  • EAT MORE! It’s not always about what you eat as much as when you eat it.  Eating small nutritionally dense meals often enough so your aren’t starving by the time you sit down to the table is a great way to keep the pounds at bay.
  • QUIT SMOKING  Need I say more???
  • RECOGNIZE MY ACHIEVEMENTS!  I’m not a big fat beached whale floundering on the ground.  I’m actually doing push ups!  My goal is to get over that negative talk in my head and recognize that I am doing something that I never thought I could do and I’m looking good while doing it.

So there you have it.  I’m not calling them resolutions because they aren’t.  They are reinventions.  Changes that I want to make a permanent part of my life not just for 2011.  I can’t wait to share with you all what effects implementing these changes make in my life.  I also hope to hear how you all are doing.  What are your fitness goals for reinvention?

*I did see the inside of two YWCA gyms but it was just for a tour.




4 responses

28 12 2010

What a sweetie! I enjoyed this reading—and BRAVO!

28 12 2010

Thaks a lot! I appreciate your comments! Feel free to stick around as there is more to come!

1 01 2011
Jamie H

Wanna help me with what I put in my mouth? Ugh! All this junk food at work is doing me in! I’ve been great at going to the gym (almost) every M-F but I’m struggling with the junk food. I’ve been going to the gym (almost) every M-F for two months and I haven’t lost (or gained) a pound nor have I lost (or gained) any inches. My motivation is running low!

1 01 2011

What have you been doing at the gym? After Ido my 30 minute warm-up, I only do about 30 minutes of very high intensity workouts. I find that this provides me a longer “afterburn” effect. I think this is part of the reason that I didn’t gain any weight during my 2 month hiatus. I was burning fat and building muscle to the point that I was still benefiting from it even when I wasn’t actually working out.

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