Back to the Gym!!!!

28 12 2010

a way to a healthy lifeThe best advice that I could give to anyone who has stopped going to the gym for any period of time for any reason is this…GO BACK!!!!! I can’t stress this enough as my very own experience reveals.  I went back to the gym with my trainer for the first time tonight after two months. (Woo hoo his calculus class is OVA!)  As always when I go to the gym, I learn something about myself.

Tonight I learned that I lost a lot of my progress in two months.  I struggled with lifting 10 pound weights.  Before I stopped I was up to 15-20 pounds depending on the exercise.  I struggled with my basic warm up which consists of 30 minutes on the treadmill and a series of high kicks, switch kicks and squat kicks.  I struggled with my burpees more than usual as well.  I was so pissed off at myself because I just wasn’t getting it in at all tonight.  But.  I. Was. There! I didn’t phone it in no matter how bad I wanted to quit.

Struggling with 10 pound weights

I hung in there though because it wasn’t all bad.  First off,I actively tried to turn off that negative speech in my head.  If I had too I would tell myself out loud not to quit in the middle. ” Don’t quit in the last 10 seconds Ang!”  It works really well!  I couldn’t do as much as I could two months ago, but I did everything I could do tonight and that is what counts the most.

Second, people have been asking me if I’ve been loosing more weight lately and I didn’t think that I was.  My answer was always,”No I’m just wearing tighter shirts.”  But to my surprise, that wasn’t true.  I only use two scales.  One at my job and one at the gym because they both give me the same numbers consistently.  Since I haven’t been working out, I have been kind of avoiding the scale at work, but tonight I got on the scale a the gym and who knew?  I lost 10 pounds!!!  I am officially 255 pounds.  I almost cried because this is the lowest weight I have carried since before I had my daughter 12 years ago!  I promise I won’t celebrate with a pizza.

Third, and to me, this is the biggest one of all, I can actually run on the treadmill without holding on!  I swear I felt like I was on the biggest looser.  I watch that show sometimes and I wonder how they run without falling.  Well I decided during my warm up that I would try it.  You know what?  I can run on the treadmill too!  I didn’t hold on and I didn’t fall.  I didn’t run that long, but I did three sprints including one to show my trainer because he usually isn’t there while I’m warming up.  That is what I call progress. so I guess I didn’t lose it all in those two months.

Happy face. Dueces! All done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, I still got in one full hour at the gym like I always do and I walked home.  I did everything I possibly could and I didn’t quit.  Don’t you quit either!  Tomorrow it is a home workout.   In a future post, we’ll talk about home routines and tools, but for now, I’m taking an recent workout from  I’ll be trying out the Super Girl Plank 100 Rep Challenge but I plan on modifying it to 50 reps and I may have to modify the plank position to my elbows halfway through.  Well see.

After gym exhaustion and huge hair.

For now here I am big hair and all.  I’m wiped and I’m going to bed.  Before you go to bed, tell us what motivates you to keep going to the gym and what motivates you to go back when you life pops up and says not this month!




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1 01 2011
Jamie H

I missed a week at the gym last week because of Christmas and our hectic schedule. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I went back! Wow! Do I feel SO much better when I go to the gym. My attitude is better too.

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