Merry Christmas!!

25 12 2010

Image: luigi diamanti

Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope you all enjoy this day!

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Reinvention Ave.

24 12 2010

This is my blog about reinvention and that’s me over there.  I am a 38-year-old single mother of one girl.  While I absolutely adore her and being her mom, she’s 12 and she is growing up and away from me.  I am finding myself on the precipice of not being “Mom” anymore and back to just being Angie.  In no way do I feel bad about that.  I am actually excited again.  You see, before I became Angie the mom, I wasted a lot of time.  I had a lot of big ideas and did nothing with them.  I’m not going to allow that to happen to me again! Read the rest of this entry »