Something that Makes Me Smile:)

3 01 2011

Ok, so I’m bringing on the cheese today.  I just have to say that it makes me smile that people care enough to read what I write and watch my meager few videos so far.  Everyday I get someone new who checks out my blog or watches a video and it blows me away that they look and comment!  So thank you so much for making me smile.  It makes it so much easier to stay outside of my comfort zone and keep on posting.  GROUP HUG!!!!!




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5 01 2011

Focused and fun! You are really heading into the new year correctly. You actually make me smile with your inpiration and intention…here’s to accomplishing everything you dream to do!

5 01 2011

With friends like you, how can I fail?!!?

6 01 2011

This is a really good reason to smile. It’s nice to know that other people are taking an interest in our blogs.

This daily challenge from WordPress is perfect because we are all in it together. If I was doing this by myself, I might taken a ‘break’ by now! 🙂

You have a really nice smile, by the way. Good luck with the daily posts.

7 01 2011

Thanks for the compliment! I agree this would be a lot harder to do alone! Best of luck to you too!

16 01 2011
Jamie H

Isn’t it fun to watch your stats grow?! I hope they keep going for you!

16 01 2011

It really is Jamie! I am almost at 500 views already AND I have 5 subscribers. It’s not much but it’s way more than I expected!

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