Protective Styling Woes…

6 01 2011

Straightened natural hairLately, I have been big into protective styling.  I went to the opera this past September and I straightened my hair for it for the first time in two years.  Wasn’t the greatest experience ever but, oh well.  I convinced myself that since I learned online how to care for my natural hair, why couldn’t I do that for my straight hair as well.  I have NEVER been good at caring for my straight hair.  So after about 8 days, I washed, deep conditioned, applied Sabino heat protectant, and flat ironed my hair with my Maxi Glide set on 7.  You know what happened right?

Heat damage. Not a whole lot, but it was in a prominent place on the side of my head.  I wish I had taken pics of it because you could tell that it was because I missed that spot applying the Sabino.  As a matter of fact, I WILL take pictures of it because it is still there!  I just have to buy a new camera first!  Well I wasn’t too concerned about it.  I decided to just go into protective styling mode and really baby my ends.  That was when I tried micro twists for the first time.  I must confess, I love the look of hanging hair and these twists really fit that bill.

Current protective style.

The problem that I have is that I get bored with styles, I get frizzies like you can’t imagine, and when I twist/braid my hair there are spots where a lot of my hair will come unraveled.  I honestly get tired of finding that I spent an hour putting in micro twists only to find that half of my work has already come undone.  I need something else that I can do with my hair.  You know, not always twists, not always buns and NEVER EVER with bobby pins!   Something more along the lines of my current protective style.  I got the idea for this style off of Youtube! LOL

So, as far as my hair goes, this is where I’m at. Micro twists and banded ponies.  There has got to be more than this for options!  Can you all help me out?

As for that heat damage I was talking about, I’ve been really eyeballing that Aphogee at the BSS by me!  Ever since I saw Taren916’s video about her heat damage, I have been itching to see how it may work for me.  It just smells so BAD!  The things I go through to stay fabulous!




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