2011 Financial Goals

7 01 2011

I posted another video today on Youtube.  This time it is about my financial goals for 2011.  Now like I always say, I fully expect that this list of goals will be dynamic.  Perhaps I’ll accomplish some things sooner or later than expected or some new opportunity will pop up.  Who knows?  All I know is that as I expose myself to new atmospheres, I will become privy to new perspectives and ideas.

In the video, I outlined my main goals for this year.  Here I will discuss more in detail the steps I plan to take to achieve them.

Moving. This goal actually ties in with my housekeeping issues.  In the time that I have left before I give my notice, I need to get my place in order.  I need to establish some acceptable storage solutions and frankly I need some furniture!  I have been looking and depending on how far away from my job I am willing to go, I could knock as much as $600 off my rent!  Seriously, my $2,000 savings goal could be accomplished in less than 6 months if I could take that much off my rent each month!

Saving $2,000. This savings would be my sort of emergency fund.  I have never had an emergency fund before.  One of the ways that I can see having any money to put toward the emergency fund right now is to quit smoking.  In addition to all the health benefits there are also financial benefits that I could be reaping.  That’s a hard one, but I intend to do that some time during the first half of this year.

403b. I plan to continue to put my max 6% in there every pay period.  Not only am I aiding in my retirement, I am also lowering my annual taxable income now.  That can lead to nice little April 15th bonuses!  I try to have as many before tax deductions as I can.  This year I am using my Flex Spending Account to pay for my daughter’s braces.  That will knock another couple thousand dollars off my taxable income!  I will also plan a meeting with my financial adviser from the company that manages my 403b to ensure that my money is going to the right places.  This is very important because I am still young enough that I can really make a difference when it comes time for me to retire.

Save Money, Do It YourselfRedirecting my discretionary income.  It is a hard thing to objectively admit…I danced around it in the video, but I am a compulsive spender.  When I have cash in hand, I lack discipline entirely!  I must stop that because I often end up spending money that I shouldn’t.  Instead of having things this year, I have this blog, my youtube channel and you all.  It is certainly enough for me!

Website Design and Development.  I am excited to be taking classes with The Web Academy.  Their classes are free and registration is currently open.  I am also a frequenter of W3Schools.  I am having a small bit of trouble getting the hang of it there, but I’m not giving up!  I have big ideas and lots I want to share with you and this is one of the avenues I am taking to be able to express it to you!  Once I am comfy, I will begin to play with websites and what not and by the end of the year I hope to have at least 3 or 4 new web pages up and running.

Phew!  That’s a lot of stuff and that is JUST for what I want to do financially!  I honestly have no reason to be bored at any time during the year 2011 that’s for sure!  So what are your financial goals for 2011 and how do you plan to go about meeting them?

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2 responses

10 01 2011

Awesome Angie…you are on your way…..LOVE the list….it works for getting all kinds of things:)

10 01 2011

A wise woman once told me to make a list…I think it’s finally catching on!

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