Middle School Band Concert

13 01 2011

Again this is off topic of my blog, but this is something I feel needs to be said.  My daughter’s band teacher KICKS BUTT!!!!

There’s my beautiful girl with her flute!  At her school, kids get to start playing an instrument in 4th grade.  We will call her Mai, has been playing the flute since then and she is in 7th grade now.  She has consistently been one of a smallish group of kids who play in the band the level above them.  As a matter of fact, this is the first year that she hasn’t assisted the higher level band so far.  What she has done this time is play another instrument.  This is what I love about Ms. Collins her music instructor.


5th Grade. Sorry yours truly isn't a great photographer.

I have watched this 4th-7th grade group of kids consistently improve and STAY in band!  While I have never seen her play favorites, I have constantly seen Ms. Collins bring out the very best in these kids.  I’ll be honest, when I went to the first fourth grade concert, I kind thought that my ears were gonna bleed.  The fifth grade concert was a totally different story!  Each band member had improved so much.  Over these past four years consistently these kids have stayed and gotten really good!

Ms. Collins seems to bring out the desire to work hard in them.  Several of them have learned to play other instruments even if just a little bit. Also the kids always seem eager to pitch in. I rarely see Ms. Collins ask her students to do something more than once maybe twice because they are all hyped up. LOL  Overall, I just think she does a great job and I want everyone else to know that.  So here’s to you Ms. Collins you are awesome!




2 responses

16 01 2011
Jamie H

I (used to) play the flute too!

16 01 2011

Is there a better instrument to play in elementary school. Strictly from a parents perspective of course! LOL

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