Motivation Plain and Simple

18 01 2011

I have one last post to fix with the watermarks, but I had to stop and come in here and make this post.  I was feeling really frustrated yesterday.  To be perfectly honest, blogging everyday isn’t easy.  Not just because like everyone else I have a full time job, but because in the past my follow through was awful.  I was half tempted to slip back into old ways.On top of that, I’m a commitment-phobe! LOL I purchased my domain name but I won’t commit to hosting!  I know I’m a dork but whatever!

So I made a deal with myself.  Just change out your pictures.  Then you can tackle something else.

That is just what I did.  I worked on it for a while and then I took a break.  I checked my site stats and I noticed that one of my search engine terms was “top accomplishments 2010” so I hopped on over to Google to see what I could see.  I’m still figuring out this key word thing.  Low and behold, I saw in the top spot a post at a blog that I subscribe to called The Moja Times.  I thought that was pretty neat so I emailed him.  He didn’t know so I was the one to break the news so to speak.  I thought that was pretty neat!  Then I got back to business and did more pictures with the self agreement that I would not have more than three posts left to fix in the morning.

So this morning, I was listening to youtube while I was going through the last of my picture switches and I came across this video.

Have you all ever heard of this channel?  I came across them this past summer and was hooked from the word “Go.”  Very common sense, no nonsense, and very motivating!   They also have a blog called B Intentional.  This video really put to words the lesson that I was in the process of learning yesterday.  It’s about completion not perfection.  Not that I am going to throw up crap everyday for the sake of posting daily.  But like Aiyana says…Move. Start. Begin. That was like a soothing push and it came right on time for me.  I was confirmation that I CAN do this on a regular.  I CAN write a good blog and I WILL get better at it.

So I just wanted to share this message with you all.    For me, in 2011 success is completion!  What is success for you in 2011?




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21 01 2011

Can’t wait to see your next post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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