Help Me With My Twist Out!!!

22 01 2011

I blame my curl pattern.  I can’t get a twist out to look good in my hair to save my life!  I spent two days recording and editing a video about my hair in a twist out and at the end, the style was an abysmal failure.  I posted it anyway because I want some advice.

Here’s my problem…whenever I twist up my hair in anything other than small twists, my hair just doesn’t take on that definition.  It just looks poofy and fluffy and it does the strangest things at the ends.  You’ll see in the part 2 video.  This is the same way wet, damp or dry I just can’t get my hair to take on another shape like that.  I truly think it is my curl pattern.  It just wants to do what it wants to do and doesn’t want to conform if it doesn’t have to.  I am a big fan of letting your hair tell you what it can and can’t do, and I hear my hair saying chunky twist outs and braid outs are not for you, but I am still wondering if there is some kind of compromise that we can come to.

I think I have one more idea that I’m gonna try today.  I’ll let you all know how it comes out.




5 responses

22 01 2011
Marcia Mayne

I wonder – if that thing smells so badly, why use it?

23 01 2011

I sort of wonder the same thing. I did see some improvement in my heat damage, but not enough to want to do that treatment every six weeks! But honestly, I don’t remember it smelling so bad the last time I did it.

23 01 2011
Marcia Mayne

I applaud what you’re doing. It would be lovely if we spent as much time trying to understand our hair in its natural state instead of trying to tame it with hot combs and relaxers which are so damaging to our hair.

You hair looks quite different than mine, I wish I could have helped.

23 01 2011

You can come play with my hurr anytime! LOL

24 01 2011
Marcia Mayne

LOL, I have my hands full!

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