Coconut Oil My Newest Love

6 02 2011

I ran across a new recipe for a pre-poo concoction over at Long Hair Care Forum and since I had everything that the recipe called for I thought I would give it a try.  Boy was I shocked at the results!

Aloe plant

The recipe calls for the following:


1/2 cup aloe Juice (I purchased mine from GNC)

2 Tbsp of your favorite oil (I eyeballed some Jamaican black castor oil, neem oil and jojoba oil)

Please note that I did not use the recommended amounts.  I eyeballed my oils into the bottom of a three ounce spray bottle and then topped the rest off with the aloe juice.  I used less than the recommended amounts and it was adequate for my hair.

In a separate bowl put 1/4 cup coconut oil (I melted down a bottle of Vatika oil and put it in another bottle to make it easier to get to.)

Thoroughly saturate hair with the aloe/oil blend.  I did this in sections and then twisted each section after it was saturated (man I wish I had a decent camera.)  Once the hair is saturated with the aloe/oil blend, go back to your first twist and section by section, liberally coat hair with coconut oil.  I noticed that once the aloe/oil mixture hit my hair, the tangles seemed to just melt away.  I was happy about this but I had no clue what was about to happen after I coated with the coconut oil, put a shower cap on and let it marinate for a few hours…

I have heard tell of coconut oil’s conditioning abilities.  I have seen countless videos where someone has used it to pre-poo or to take down twists or braids for a twist/braid out.  I have witnessed all this and more, but I have always felt like I couldn’t be bothered with remembering to melt it or find a container that I could put it into so that it is easier to get to.  Now I get it.  Now I understand!  It is so worth that small effort because coconut oil is that business!!!!!  My hair was soft, shiny, bouncy and full of body.  Not to mention that it was so moisturized it felt almost like velvet!

I can’t believe I have slept on this for more than 3 years!  Not to give all the credit to the coconut oil, but wow!  This stuff is truly conditioning, not greasy looking or feeling, it has hold, it’s dirt cheap, I could go on and on and on!  I used this last Tuesday and I had my first successful twist-out.  I actually got three day hair out of those twists and I credit it to this pre-poo treatment and coconut oil.  I guarantee I won’t be sleeping on it any more!

I did this pre-poo again and then twisted my hair on Friday.  It is now Sunday and my hair still feels like first day hair.  Except at the very ends.  Those are a little more dry than the rest.  I may have to moisturize and seal today and I know what with!!!  LOL

P.S. You won’t be getting these posts where I claim a bomb style and don’t give you pics much longer.  I have budgeted for a new camera and I am there now.  I should have my new camera in about two weeks.  YEAH!!!!!




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