Why are Aloe Juice and Coconut Oil so Awesome?

9 02 2011

Does anyone know?  I am totally obsessed by them lately and I want to know why are they so awesome.  I did some research and here is what I have found so far…

Aloe Plant

Aloe vera juice is the juice from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant.  This plant is native to North Africa, Madagascar, and the Arabian Peninsula, but I have one in my hallway outside of my bathroom too.  The juice of this plant is renowned for it’s healing properties.  It is very popular for skin care for soothing and healing burns and rashes.  Studies suggest that the moisturizing properties of aloe may come from it’s high polysaccharide make-up and ability to increase the water content of our skin.

Is that why I love it for my hair?  I mix it with some random liquid oils that I generally keep in the house and spray it on my hair and away run the tangles like Debo’s coming at them!More likely it is a much less intimidating answer.  It’s the pH.  The pH of Aloe juice is between 4.5-5 which is the same as our hair.  This mildly acidic, high water content juice helps to lay down the cuticle and smooth each strand.  Disabling the hairs ability to catch on itself and tangle.  Wiping out frizzy ends with extreme prejudice!

Then there is the coconut oil that I love so much now…Vietnam '08 - 142 - baby coconut treesCoconut oil is awesome for so many reasons.  It is very stable and has a long shelf life.  Since it is very stable, it helps to retain moisture in the hair by not breaking down or evaporating thus allowing moisture to escape.  It is high in Lauric and Capric acids. Both of these fatty acids are known for their antimicrobial action.  The antimicrobial action is linked to a reduction in dandruff and hair fall.  All of this is growth promoting.

Coconut oil has been shown to actually penetrate our hair.  It has been suggested that it can penetrate all the way to the cortex of our hair.  Coconut oil is most effective when used as a pre-poo treatment.  It penetrates our hair and prevents our hair from absorbing too much water which keeps the cuticle from swelling and turning upward.  It also provides lubrication during wet combing and prevents the hair from having all the protein chipped away leaving us with thick roots and thin scrawny ends.

Another benefit to using coconut oil is that it acts as a styling aid.  It has hold if you know what I mean.  When you put it in your hands, it melts to liquid and that liquid oil is easily spread throughout the hair coating every strand.  Once you leave your hair alone though, the oil solidifies again and provides a solid hold on your hair until it dries set.  For this reason, do be careful when applying.  Otherwise you may end up with a solid white helmet for hair for a while.  Not to worry, your hair won’t be overly greasy once it absorbs in.

So we have a mildly acidic liquid that smooths and seals our rough cuticles combined with a stable oil that will not evaporate, let too much moisture in, or let to much moisture escape.  It also provides lubrication and decreases friction when when combing which in turn cuts down on the wear and tear of our hair.   No wonder I woke up at three in the morning wondering why aloe juice and coconut oil are so awesome.  Now I know.

Do you use coconut oil and/or aloe juice in your haircare regimine?  How do you use it?  Leave a comment and let us all know.




2 responses

9 02 2011

I love the Aloe! for my locs, I add the juice from my plant to my oil mixture. I should try the coconut oil next time I’m ready to restock my hair supplies. Thanks for the post.

9 02 2011

I did an inventory the other day and I can’t restock my hair supplies for a while except for your hair dye. Discipline discipline discipline…sigh

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