Product Review-The Tangle Teezer

6 04 2011

Yes I jumped on the bandwagon.  I have really been feeling like a tool lately I must admit.  Oh well, on to the review!

So the Tangle Teezer is a kidney shaped handle-less brush designed to gently detangle the most difficult of heads.  In the US, the Tangle Teezer can be purchased at Sally’s Beauty.

Though you can’t see it in the photo, its bristles are alternating rows of long and short bristles that are very thin and flexible.   There is a seam that connects the top part of the brush to the bottom part with the bristles on it, but that seam is not in the way of the hair traffic.  There are no visible seams on the brush bed nor do there appear to be seams at the base of the bristles.

The folks over at the TT website say that the TT will cause less damage to your hair because the bristles are flexible and won’t pull and yank at the tangles in your hair.  They also claim that the bristles have just the right amount of bend to smooth the cuticle instead of chipping away at it.  I have to admit, when I used it on my daughter’s week old, been out all that time, non-moisturized, dry (as in not wet) hair, the tangles melted away in small sections.  I was really impressed.  So I decided to try it on wash day.

The impressive results pretty much ended there and I was left feeling…like a tool.  First off, I am not sure that I can get my hot little hands to situate themselves in the appropriate positions to use this unit on my hair.  To me, it is so odd to handle.  When I first picked it up I had to ask myself which way do left handed people hold it?

Second, it sort of gets the tangles from the outside in.  This means that when I used it on small sections in my daughter’s hair, I had to make several passes from the top and from the bottom of the section of hair.  BTW, her hair was soaking wet after two hours of deep conditioning.   I know the TT folks claim that the brush smoothes the cuticle, but all that brushing on her ends HAD to be wearing away at the cuticle somehow.  I had to make so many passes!

Next, because the bristles are so flexible, it is hard to tell that you have gotten a section thoroughly detangled.  It isn’t easy for this brush, in my opinion, to get through the entire section of hair for that one last sweep through to make sure that there are no tangles left like we all do.   I kept having to switch to my Denman for that last sweep.

Therefore I am not all that impressed with the flexible bristles.  I have heard people say that the Denman brush is too stiff and has no give, but I contend that it is all in your technique.  The brush doesn’t yank itself right?  On the TT website, they encourage you to not be light handed with it.  They actually recommend that you use more pressure when brushing with it, which again makes me wonder about cuticle damage.  I mean just because they say it’s a cuticle smoother, doesn’t mean that they are telling the whole truth.

I will say that it did take less hair with it.  I suppose that for some that alone is worth the price of admission.  My daughter was really pleased when she saw how much hair came out.  Especially when I showed her that it was just about all shed hairs.  I don’t know where she gets this idea that I am trying to make her go bald!

I suppose it’s not all bad, I just wasn’t really impressed over all.  I could have used my fingers and my Denman and been done in the same amount of time.  I think I’m gonna have to give it 2 out of 5 afros.  I’ll keep coming back on this one though because I don’t put all my issues past a user technique problem. LOL

Update 4/18/11

After perusing the natural hair blogosphere and forums, I see that others are just as un-impressed with the Tangle Teezer as I am if not more. For that reason along with the pictures I saw as evidence, I am revising my rating to 2 out of 5 afros and calling it a wrap.  I am done with that thing!  I knew I couldn’t trust it.

The main complaint that I keep hearing is split ends and breakage.  I contend that this product was made for hair that is round when you look at it under a microscope.  NOT for hair that is flat like mine.  So that’s that I’m done with it what a waste of money!




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