Thanks for visiting my blog!  I hope to make you feel welcome enough to stay!

Here at Reinvention Ave, we are all about, you guessed it reinvention!  Do you want to make a change?  You can do it and we are here for you so hang out and see what happens as we grow and change together!

You can expect to see information about natural hair and natural hair care.  Believe it or not, this blog and a whole host of other changes that have happened to me in the past 40 or so months have been in large part caused by my natural hair!  I love my hair, I love to touch it, play with it and take care of it.

Improving your personal finances by using great personal financial software and budgeting tools.   Learning about making sound financial decisions and preparing for and achieving financial independence.

Also, as I am trying to become a better housekeeper, expect that we will be talking a lot about ways to manage clutter and get organized.

Lets not forget about my fitness goals as well.  To that end, we will be talking about workout plans, diet, motivation and much much more!

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