What Would YOU Do?

23 01 2011

My daughter and I were talking Friday night and she was telling me about a girl in her school who lost a lot of her hair to a perm.  It must have been really bad because she said she was starting to understand why I was so hardcore about hair.  While I was glad that she is starting to understand, I felt and still do feel so bad for this little girl.  To be 12/13 and have lost your hair to a relaxer must be a crushing blow to your self esteem.   I would also imagine that her mom would be devastated as well!  I would be if it were my daughter.   I’m on here again today to ask you what you would do.  I am going to have my daughter to ask the girl to ask her mom if I can provide them with some resources to improve the health of her hair as it grows back out.  If she (Mom) says yes, then I have a short list of things to suggest to her such as certain products, youtubes, hair forums and such.  If she says no, then I’ll mind my own business and keep it moving.  What would you suggest to help someone grow their hair back after a chemical burn?  Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


UPDATE:  My daughter talked to the girl and the girl wasn’t interested.  Maybe one day, she’ll change her mind.  Maybe not.  Either way, it’s time for me to mind my own business now.  Thanks to all who shared opinions and advice!


Natural Chica Giveaway!

9 01 2011

I have never been ashamed to admit that most things that are new to me are pretty old to most everyone else!  I got hip to South Park during it’s 9th season, I got my first cell phone that had a camera on it last year!  Well one thing that I didn’t get hip to on the back end was Natural Chica’s Youtube channel.  I haven’t been with her since day one, but I came across her channel a few months into her journey.  I am telling y’all, this woman is doing big things!

Mae has been selling Natural Chica T-shirts for the past year and to celebrate her success, she is giving away a free custom Natural Chica hooded sweatshirt.  Head on over and enter and show her some love!  The contest ends January 13, 2011 at 11:59pm.  Thanks so much Mae for hosting this giveaway!  I truly enjoy your efforts!

My Healthy Hair Journey

25 12 2010

Day to day hair style with mini twists

I decided that the first thing you should know about me is about my hair.  Vain much? I don’t think so, you’ll get it in a minute…

So I have talked about having a 12 year old girl at home with me.  Well she is natural.  I have never put perm in her hair.  When she was little, I taught my self how to do the Venus Williams type braids in her hair and it worked well for us. She was an easy kid to do hair on, unlike her mother who used to have to get tied to a chair to get her hair combed.  She grew up with long hair down her back.  Once she hit about 9 years old, it just got to be too much for me to manage and I found myself having to make a choice.  Either relax it or figure something else out. Read the rest of this entry »