Talk About Reinvention!

2 05 2011

I hope I’m doing the right thing.  After a 8 year run at her K-12 school, my daughter has finally impressed upon me how much she wants to change schools.  I got the go ahead today from Minneapolis Public Schools that her school change request has been accepted and she has been placed!  I have to say that my daughter was very open to having lengthy respectful conversations and that was what sold me on the idea.  She clearly and objectively expressed her feelings to me without any drama or histrionics.  I was so impressed by her delivery I couldn’t say no!

It’s like the end of an era.  When she first started there, I couldn’t imagine that she wouldn’t graduate high school there.  I even decided not to leave the state after my mom died because I wanted her to have this one thing…  An uninterrupted elementary/middle/high school experience.  Especially since academically, she is thriving!  It’s the social stuff that is killing her.  I mean lets be honest, if you have social issues in 7th grade, those issues will follow you into high school at a K-12.

Honestly, she’s lucky to have this opportunity!  She gets to change schools before it’s to late to matter and she gets to remake herself or not as she pleases.  How many of us wished we could have done that at least once during puberty?!  Right now, I have her working on a vision board of what she hopes to get out of this experience and who she wants to become.  Her attitude has already changed so much it’s wierd! LOL She is already counting the days till she is outta there knowing that she can do anything for a little while!

My inner pessimist however, says that we should be careful what we ask for.  What if she goes to her new school only to find she likes it less than her old school?  I don’t want to scare her, but how do I let her know that she very well may not find what she’s looking for at this new school either.  Then what?

I know I’m putting the cart before the horse right now because this school year isn’t even over yet, but I just worry about my baby y’all!