My Week in Styles

15 04 2011

Two weekends ago, I put some mini twists in my hair.  As always, putting them in was a marathon pain in the neck, but the end result was so worth it.  I did however wash them right away and was then left with fuzzy twists.  Now exactly what I wanted right away, but that was what I had.  So I decided to challenge myself to style these twists every day that I had them in my hair.  I ended up styling them for an unheard of 10 days!!!!  As I sit here typing up this post, I so desperately need to wash and deep condition my hair it isn’t funny.   I think I’ll do a caramel treatment today but then I’m thinking it’s already after noon as I am finishing this.  I guess I’d better get a move on then.  So above is my little collage of the styles for the week.  Or click and watch the video with more detailed pics of the various styles I did over the week.  Thanks for checking in!


Mini Twist Roller Set

12 01 2011

I spent 16 hours twisting my hair this past Saturday.  Then I immediately got bored with them.  Sunday I rolled them on perm rods.  Here are the pics. 

I really like the way they look, but they kept falling in my face and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I ended up washing the curls out the next day.  Back to my curly ends!

Protective Styling Woes…

6 01 2011

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