Just A Quick Check-In

17 01 2011

Toiling away with a smile on my face!

Hey there!  You all are gonna see some changes going on here and tonight I am working on one of them.  I am taking down all my pictures and putting up watermarked ones in instead.  So while I’m not officially posting, I am working on the blog and that counts right?

I would love to have your opinions though, I am trying out three watermarks.  Can you all tell me which ones you like?  One has an outline and one doesn’t and one has a shadow effect.  To be honest, most of them don’t have the outline or shadow effect, the Shea Butter Tips post is the one with the outline, and this one has the shadow effect.    I am not that competent in my photo editing program so I just tried something different but then I kind of liked it.  I think there’s also a yellow one in there because the black wouldn’t show up.  Sorry to dissapoint those of you who are more eclectic but there will be no yellow watermark unless I can’t do any beter LOL

So please leave a comment and let me know what you think!